Palm Tree Fire Pit


palm-tree-fire-pit Palm Tree Fire Pit

Palm Tree Fire Pit – There’s definitely nothing greater than having an outdoor barbecue over an open fire whilst enjoying a mid summer evening as the warmth of the fire caresses your face. The secret to making this a fact is to create a long-lasting outside fire pit that may serve several functions in addition to offering a cozy feeling to your patio or backyard.

The very first thing you need to do is to choose a spot for the pit. The pit must be within reach for tending, out of the way of lawn games and running kids, and far enough from the house so as to never cause a threat to anybody or anything. A great strategy is to put the pit near the outer corner of a porch or patio so that it wards bugs away from guests and food without burning down the house. Also be aware of the place of lawn equipment or furniture in addition to shrubs and trees. The outside fire pit must be easily visible from most any distance at any time of the day.

Now that you’ve chosen a spot for your outside fire pit, then you need to prepare to construct the pit itself. Start by considering the size of the pit. Take into consideration the whole size of the pit such as the fire pit itself in addition to the materials that function as a security perimeter. Remove any grass or sterile materials in that area.

The perimeter of the outside fire pit will include four sides: three sides will be walled in using cinder bricks, and the fourth side will be open. Stack cinder bricks of a reasonable size and thickness along the either side of the pit. The open side must face the guest seating place so that it’ll be simple to tend and will provide them comfort. The height of these walls should be no less than three toes. This may keep animals and tiny children secure in addition to providing a way by which to keep the fire under better control. Fill the empty space of the pit with bark chips. This will grow to be the fundamentals of the kindling for the very first fire.

The next thing to do is acquire all of the necessary equipment to be used with your outside fire pit. This includes fire tongs by which to tend the logs and garbage, a way by which to begin the fire, some charcoal or lighter fluid, and a bucket for pouring water over the fire. A fire extinguisher may also come in handy in the event of emergencies. If the fire is to be utilized as a cooking pit, then the kind of bricks you use in addition to the size of the pit will determine the size of the grill and how it needs to be laid throughout the pit. The trick here is to be creative. Just make sure that the grill is secure when in use.

An outside fire pit will make an excellent addition to your patio or yard. Just be aware of its positioning, security precautions, and fire laws in your town.