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Indoor Electric Fireplace Home Depot – But, it is possible to easily decide on the right fireplace for your home by keeping a couple of important tips in mind.

Wood, Propane and Electric Fireplaces

The three main types of fireplaces are wood, propane and electric fireplaces. The most important distinction between both is that the fuel used to maintain the fire. Wood fireplaces require a regular supply of dry wood logs to keep the flame burning. Propane fireplaces are connected to a large propane tank outside of the home. The propane is fed via a series of pipes to keep the flames burnings. At length, electrical fireplaces only require a proper battery or an electrical socket to keep the warmth. The flames created by electrical fireplaces are fake and they’re purely for decorative purposes.

To decide which type of fireplace to purchase, you need to comprehend which fuel is best for your home. Have you got access to a steady supply of wood? Are there local providers around to purchase wood from? Is propane particularly expensive at this time? Just how much power does an electrical fireplace need?

Weigh the pros and cons of each fuel to help you decide which fireplace would be the very best for your home.


Another major distinction between the three types of fireplaces is their setup procedures. Because of this, wood stoves are usually the most expensive to set up. Propane fireplaces don’t need to be installed inside the wall, but they do require a pipe system installed to feed propane into the fireplace and also to allow the fumes to vent from the home. Electric fireplaces are nearly always mobile and don’t really require any installation beyond clearing a spot in the area in order for it to safely operate.

Wood and propane fireplaces are good for homeowners who can spare the money. You will be provided with real flames and professional looks which is going to be well worth the money. Electric fireplaces are good for people who desire a fireplace, but don’t want to invest more money on the job. It’s also a good solution for individuals who rent a home or live in an apartment.


When you search for a fireplace, among the most crucial aspects that you will need to keep in mind is that the magnitude of the fireplace. Fireplaces need plenty of open space to make sure that they don’t damage and burn off items or individuals. The smaller the room, the smaller the fireplace ought to be. Take proper measurements of your own room to gauge how big the fireplace ought to be.


There are thousands of different designs and colors available for fireplaces. What you choose really depends upon the d├ęcor in your home and your own personal preferences. You can select something which blends in well with all the wall or you’ll be able to select something incredibly stylish to really add flair to the area. If possible, have a picture of the fireplace and then hold it up in the area. This can give you a good idea about what it’ll look like in your home.

Installing a fireplace could be a really permanent choice, so it is a good idea to have a professional opinion before deciding to invest your hard earned cash or breaking your walls up.

Crystal Fireplaces functions with clients to construct contemporary and traditional fireplaces for their houses. Whether it is gas, electric, propane or wood-burning, it has a wide selection that could suit everything you’re searching for.